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015. Lick

“What’s wrong Han?” Teukie- hyung said to me


I Knocked on his door a few minutes ago and I’ve been silent since he let me in……….I guess he was tired of hearing crickets.


“I have a….a problem hyung.”


“Well what is it?”



But I didn’t know how to tell him… was embarrassing.


“It’s about Heechul”


“Come on Han just tell me”


“It’s about when we kiss…..”


He looked surprised but soon he regained his calmness.


“Go on” He said trying to sound as calm as he could.


“Well…….he sort of….licks me”


“What do you mean?”


“When we kiss he licks me…..not only my lips but everywhere……it’s……awkward”


“Well why don’t you talk to him about it?”


“I can’t seem to get the words out hyung”


“Seriously Han you just have to talk to him and tell him it makes you uncomfortable.”


“Okay I’ll try thanks Teukie-hyung”


“No problem that’s what I’m here for.”


I got up for Leeteuk’s completely white bed and walked to the door, waved goodbye to Leeteuk and opened the door. But who did I see? Heechul….



“We need to talk” He said while dragging me out of the apartment. He eventually stopped when we were down the hall.


“So…. Let’s talk.” I said while rocking back on my heels.


But instead of talking we did the complete opposite…..we not talked


Heechul had pushed me against the wall and started kissing me. And hey I wasn’t complaining. His hands were tangling in my hair as our kisses deepened and our bodies were molding together and forming one new body, I would be surprised if he could get any closer to me…….nope just happened. Eventually we ran out of air and Heechul ended the kiss with licking my lips.


“Learn to like it” He said. Then he turned and walked away into the dorm and about 5 minutes after that I breathed again………………man I love him.

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